How do we work?

GCDF combines three key elements: capital, analytical expertise and operational management abilities. Our offer is directed at entrepreneurs, financial and strategic investors.
  • Entrepreneurs are offered financial and operational support to grow their companies.
  • Financial investors are offered co-investment opportunities as well as analytical, strategic and operational management solutions during all phases of the investment process.
  • Strategic investors are offered management services and/or participation in start-up enterprises and portfolio companies.

We can provide capital in the form of equity loans or mezzanine financing. We work with option and other incentive schemes. Our lean organisational structure and our sector knowledge enable us to take decisions and deploy capital nimbly and quickly.

We share our knowledge and extensive experience with the management teams of our portfolio companies through:
  • Occasional or on-going, strategic and operational consulting
  • Take-over of selected management areas
  • Delegating GCDF managers to administer specific tasks or projects