Start-up projects

Our managers have participated in the development of a number of leading financial institutions, and are able to draw on this experience in managing successful start-up businesses.

We have the capabilities to finance and supervise start-up projects internally or in co-operation with other investors and management groups.

Our partners are provided with:
  • Detailed concept analysis and strategic positioning of the business.
  • Translation of the concept into a operational business plan.
  • Relevant expertise and operational skills, especially in the initial stages of the project.
  • Project  management and supervision.
  • Assistance in gaining financing for the project and introduction to third-party investors.

Working with GCDF on start-up projects has the following benefits:
  • Minimising the risk associated with start-up projects through close supervision of the senior GCDF team.
  • Limiting the costs of the undertaking in its primary stage as the expertise can by supplied by GCDF with limited external costs.
  • Support for the management team and sharing of knowledge gained from similar previous projects.
  • Timely project completion without irrelevant formal burdens.
  • Availability of GCDF proprietary capital.

If you would like to discuss a concept for a start-up project in the financial services sector, please do not hesitate contact us.